AMOR Healing Kitchen and our Food Philosophy
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AMOR Healing Kitchen and our Food Philosophy

Contributed by Maria Kelly. Follow AMOR Healing Kitchen on Instagram at @amor_healing_kitchen.

How about those tomatoes that we can buy in December at the grocery store? Yep. Disgusting. It’s almost like you can taste the nutritional deficiency when you take a bite. 

I moved to Charleston in 1994 and although I don’t recall CSA’s existing back then, I do remember several stands throughout town where you could stop to get some local produce throughout the year. Sometime after we survived Y2K, I joined a CSA and my love and appreciation for in-season and local eating began to take root.  

Fast forward to 2017 when I was in the planning stages before launching AMOR, I decided that I wanted the organization to reflect the values that I hold close to my heart. Utilizing local and in-season produce as much as possible is certainly one of my core values in regards to my health.  

At AMOR Healing Kitchen, we believe in healing our world through the power of good food & love. Every week our teen volunteers come into the kitchen, to learn how to cook, learn about plant based eating, connect with other volunteers, and serve our community. They prepare meals for people who are going through critical or chronic health challenges and those nourishing meals are delivered to our clients’ homes. We provide access to these meals regardless of income level.  

Our Food Philosophy:

  • Using food as a tool to aid in the recovery from surgery or other medical treatments
  • Educating ourselves and our community to create the connection between our food and our health
  • Empowering teens by teaching culinary skills, where food comes from, and the power of service
  • Supporting our local farmers and economy
  • Utilizing organic ingredients with the belief that what nourishes the Earth has the power to heal us

By sourcing our ingredients locally and organically as much as possible, we are committing to offering our community what we consider the best quality ingredients in the path of healing. 

It is what I want in my body, regardless of my state of health, so why wouldn’t our organization do the same if healing is the name of the game?

Sign up for AMOR’s newsletter at and join us on this healing journey via Instagram and FB. We are a 501(c)(3) and greatly appreciate the generosity and support of our community in order to offer our program free of cost to those in need.